Project: Onomatopoeia
In this project students use typography to represent sound, and investigate how it can be used as a vehicle for interpreting pitch, rhythm, tempo, volume, and other musical concepts. They design an animated sequence synched to a musical selection, with typeforms as visuals.
Project: Movie Titles
This project involves the creation of movie titles. Rather than just recreate exisiting titles, though, students conceptualize a remake of a film made between 1930 & 1970 and cast/staff it with a team of their own choosing. They may completely reimagine the film or their remake may be faithful. The choice of concept will be the guiding force in the development of the piece.
Project: Box

This is an introductory project in motion graphics for sophomore graphic design students. Using a box of disparate objects, students created (in a manner of their choose and ranging from stop motion to After Effects) a motion-based response to their choice of nursery rhyme. Students were required to create their own sound.
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