with Skeptic
Spending a few hundred million dollars on a museum expansion is not something done just because. When that kind of effort is put into a unique art collection, like the one at the Clark Museum in Williamstown, MA, it means presenting that art in a way that is more beautiful and accessible than ever before. Which means more people will visit the community to see the collection. And more jobs for that community. And more revenue. And, frankly, a more beautiful museum in an already extremely beautiful setting.
So it was important that ISM & Skeptic help the citizens of Williamstown and its surrounding towns—as well as Clark patrons who travel from further distances—understand the impact of their latest expansion efforts. We took all of the dollars and cents making up the “Economic Impacts from Expanding the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute” and conveyed them in familiar terms, also allowing the museum’s neighbors and patrons share why the Clark is important to them.
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