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 howrey’s to-do list
  • Amplify the Echoes of Personalization
  • Transform Technology
  • Paint a Canvas of Interactions
  • Ensure Resonance Beyond Function
  • Marry Precision with Passion
  • Craft Memorable Experiences
  • Give Voice to Design
  • Look Beyond the Click
  • Embrace the Extraordinary
  • Feel and Foster Impact

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all the world’s a mapa cartographer’s view of musical theatre

Navigating the intricate web of Broadway collaborations through a visually compelling subway map, connecting musical theatre enthusiasts to the rich history of the stage."

Designed to chart the collaborative networks of Broadway’s most iconic figures, the BMHSM transforms complex theatrical relationships into a simple, intuitive subway map format.

This map isn't just a tool for navigation but a portal to the past, inviting users to explore the intersections of careers and creations in the musical theatre world.

Widely adopted in educational and professional settings, the map serves as both a teaching aid and a decorative artifact, celebrated for its functionality and artistic appeal.

Navigate the intersections where creativity meets collaboration—there's always a show to catch. Every line tells a story, and every intersection is a standing ovation waiting to happen. From Sondheim to Show Boat, our paths are as intertwined as the plots of our favorite musicals.

Dive into the depths of design where history isn't just told, it's choreographed. Mapping the uncharted territories of Broadway, one collaboration at a time. Who says you can't find your way on Broadway? Our map says otherwise. Trace the lineage of legends—no time machine needed, just a keen eye and a curious mind. Explore the canvas where the brushstrokes are as dramatic as the curtain call. Some call it a map; we call it a backstage pass to Broadway's best. Not all who wander are lost—some are just enjoying the show.

The Broadway Musical Theatre History Subway Map, initially created in 2008, represents not just a fusion of passion for musical theatre and design, but a revolutionary approach to understanding cultural history through the lens of data visualization. This map reimagines the complex web of musical theatre collaborations as a navigable, metro-style diagram, where each line symbolizes a different theatre professional—director, choreographer, composer, or lyricist—and their intersections highlight the shared projects that have shaped the Broadway landscape. This method of visualization moves beyond traditional linear or textual presentations of history, offering a dynamic, interconnected web that mirrors the collaborative essence of theatre itself.

Over the years, the map has been meticulously revised, expanded, and updated, reflecting ongoing changes and new discoveries in musical theatre. Its large format, available in sizes up to 36 inches by 24 inches, serves not just as a visual spectacle but as an interactive tool that invites exploration. Questions like 'How many stops from Into the Woods to Show Boat?' or 'Can you trace the collaborations of Sondheim?' transform the map into an engaging educational experience, deepening users' appreciation and understanding of musical theatre as an art form defined by collaboration.

This project transcends traditional boundaries of artistic and historical expression. It leverages design as a means to advance our comprehension of musical theatre, illustrating how intertwined relationships and artistic collaborations have evolved over decades. The map’s inclusion in the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts' gift shop and its adoption by educational institutions around the world underscore its significance as both a cultural artifact and a pedagogical tool. It challenges and inspires other designers to consider how data visualization can be harnessed to explore and explain other complex histories and relationships."

By transforming abstract data into a tangible, accessible format, the Broadway Musical Theatre History Subway Map does more than chart a history; it ignites imagination and curiosity. It serves as a testament to the power of design to not only capture but also celebrate the sprawling, dynamic nature of human collaboration in the arts. As such, it stands as a pivotal contribution to both the fields of design and musical theatre historiography, encouraging a deeper, more interactive engagement with cultural history."

In the realm of cultural historiography, the Broadway Musical Theatre History Subway Map exemplifies a paradigm shift in the dissemination and consumption of historical knowledge. By eschewing traditional narrative forms in favor of a visual, data-driven approach, this map serves as a seminal case study in the application of information design principles to the arts. It embodies the concept of 'visual historiography,' where the visualization itself becomes a form of historical inquiry and expression. This approach not only democratizes access to complex datasets by translating them into more digestible, engaging formats but also highlights the interconnected nature of artistic collaborations that might otherwise remain obscured by more conventional linear histories. The map thus acts as both a pedagogical tool and a scholarly artifact, challenging existing methodologies in historical documentation and encouraging a reevaluation of how history, particularly in the dynamic field of musical theatre, is mapped and understood. Its reception and utilization in academic and educational settings underscore its potential to significantly influence both the practice of design and the study of theatre history."

The Broadway Musical Theatre History Subway Map has garnered widespread acclaim for its unique concept and meticulous detail. Users have consistently praised its quality and the engaging experience it provides for musical theatre enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Here’s what some of the customers had to say:

"A masterpiece of design and detail!"
 "My boss loved it! High-quality print."
"A treasure for theatre lovers."
"My sister absolutely LOVED it!! The quality, shipping, and customer service were top-notch. 5 out of 5 stars."
"Innovatively bridges love for Broadway and trains."
"Combines my love of Broadway with love of trains. It's fun to trace the lines and find surprises."
"Educational and delightful." 
"Beautiful and sat for hours tracing my favorite writers and directors. 100% worth the money."
"Perfect gift for the theatre enthusiast."
"This is really such a unique and gorgeous piece of art. Thank you for making my best friend's 30th birthday so special!"

The overwhelming positive feedback highlights not only the quality and creativity of the map but also its ability to connect deeply with its audience, making it a cherished item among musical theatre fans and a thoughtful gift for any occasion. The map's educational aspect, coupled with its artistic appeal, has made it a beloved piece in homes and educational settings alike, proving it to be more than just a decoration but a portal to the rich history of Broadway.

Client: Self-initiated
Sector: Arts and Education, Retail
Discipline: Graphic Design, Illustration
Collaborators: None (personal project)