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 howrey’s to-do list
  • Amplify the Echoes of Personalization
  • Transform Technology
  • Paint a Canvas of Interactions
  • Ensure Resonance Beyond Function
  • Marry Precision with Passion
  • Craft Memorable Experiences
  • Give Voice to Design
  • Look Beyond the Click
  • Embrace the Extraordinary
  • Feel and Foster Impact

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from canvas to conceptpainting impact with every pixel

Forging a bold, new identity for Impact Arts, capturing two decades of artistic collaboration and innovation in every design element.

The rebranding journey began with a deep dive into Impact Arts' heritage, leading to a dynamic exploration of bold and conservative design concepts that speak to the brand's evolving narrative.

Through meticulous moodboarding and iterative design, we crafted a brand architecture that resonates with a wide audience yet maintains the personal touch of its origins in community arts.

The final design blends high-contrast, energetic typography with subtle, refined elements, creating a balance that guides the viewer through a visual storytelling of Impact Arts' mission and values.

The rebranding of Impact Arts was not just a project; it was a culmination of a two-decade-long partnership with Ginger Morris, who first introduced me to the world of teaching and collaboration. Our shared history in arts education and production set the foundation for this comprehensive branding exercise. As we embarked on creating a new brand architecture and language for Impact Arts in 2022, our approach was twofold: to honor the past while boldly stepping into the future.

We developed two main design directions—'Clarity,' which drew on natural colors and subtle textures for a gentle, guiding presence, and 'Down Center Spot,' characterized by its vibrancy and boldness, reflecting the brand's impact and forward-thinking ethos. The synthesis of these concepts into the final logo and sub-brand designs involved a rigorous process of sketching, feedback, and refinement, ensuring that every element from typography to brand materials conveyed the essence of Impact Arts. This brand strategy was not only about visual aesthetics but also about embedding the brand's core values and mission into every design decision, providing a roadmap for future communications and solidifying Impact Arts' position in the cultural landscape.

The rebranding of Impact Arts was not merely a visual refresh; it represented a deeper exploration into the essence of what makes a brand both memorable and meaningful. This project challenged conventional branding norms by weaving a narrative that spanned two decades of artistic collaboration, reflecting a rich tapestry of community and creativity. In doing so, it posed fundamental questions about the role of design in cultural expression and the ways in which a brand can embody and advance the artistic dialogue of its community.

By choosing to embody the brand's legacy through two distinct design concepts—'Clarity' and 'Down Center Spot'—we not only catered to diverse aesthetic preferences but also demonstrated the dual nature of Impact Arts: reflective and forward-thinking. This approach shifted the paradigm of brand design from a static visual identity to a dynamic storytelling platform. Each element, from the typography to the logo, was crafted to not just serve its functional purpose but to engage on an emotional level, inviting the audience to partake in a continued journey of artistic exploration.

Moreover, this project exemplified how design can serve as a bridge between an organization's historical context and its future aspirations. It underscored the importance of design thinking that respects tradition while embracing innovation, thus pushing the boundaries of what brand design can achieve. The philosophical underpinning of our approach—balancing the bold with the subtle, the past with the future—has broader implications for the practice of design. It challenges designers to think deeply about the impact of their work on the cultural and temporal fabric of the brands they shape, encouraging a more thoughtful and inclusive approach to creating visual identities.

Client: Impact Arts
Sector: Arts and Education
Discipline: Branding, Graphic Design
Collaborators: Ginger Morris, Impact Arts Team