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Selbert Perkins

 howrey’s to-do list
  • Amplify the Echoes of Personalization
  • Transform Technology
  • Paint a Canvas of Interactions
  • Ensure Resonance Beyond Function
  • Marry Precision with Passion
  • Craft Memorable Experiences
  • Give Voice to Design
  • Look Beyond the Click
  • Embrace the Extraordinary
  • Feel and Foster Impact

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Case Studies
Thoughts on Design Leadership
Bio and Resume
Howrey’s Philosophy for Design/Leadership

tl;dr: My design philosophy centers on creating personalized, impactful user experiences that merge technology with creativity. From IBM to DigitalOcean, I've led projects that turn routine interactions into memorable moments, enhancing user satisfaction and retention. My approach combines data-driven insights with creative innovation to deliver not just functional but resonant designs that drive business growth.

A Prelude to the (In)Visible

Personalization. Deep. Deep. Imagine a design so finely tuned it whispers directly in your ear, or maybe shouts, depends on what you need.

Embarking from the structured logic of IBM to the fluid creativity at DigitalOcean, my design journey weaves through the essence of technology, academia, and art. SCAD sharpened my lines; the theatre scripted my scenes; together, they choreographed my approach to making technology not just functional but fascinating.

Each interaction—a canvas. Every user touchpoint—a brushstroke. We're not just filling spaces; we're creating moments. Moments that resonate, that stay with you long after the screen dims. My leadership turns these visions into realities, orchestrating a symphony of ideas where each note is played with empathy and precision.

Why? Because design must do more than function—it must impact. It must resonate. This is where numbers meet narratives. The joy of a well-placed button, the curve of a user pathway, translating into metrics that matter: user retention, satisfaction, growth.

This is not your standard design manifesto. It's an invitation. A call to dive deeper, reach further, design smarter—because the world doesn’t need more design; it needs better design. More thoughtful, more impactful. And if you're ready for that, so am I. Let's make the digital stage our own, crafting experiences that aren't just seen or used, but felt. Deeply. Truly. Memorably.

Principles of Design

Personalization I believe in designing for one as if designing for millions, ensuring each solution feels tailor-made for every user. This isn’t about adding features; it’s about crafting experiences that adapt to and anticipate individual needs.
Impactful Interactions
Each design element is an opportunity to engage the user, leave a lasting impression, and elevate their experience from ordinary to extraordinary.
Creative Innovation
Leveraging a diverse background in design, technology, and the arts, I push the boundaries of what design can achieve, blending intuition with industry-leading practices to deliver groundbreaking solutions.

Strategic Approach

Leadership in Design
I lead by example, advocating for designs that engage deeply with users' lives. My leadership style promotes innovation through empathy, understanding, and respect for the user’s perspective.
Practice of Excellence
In practice, I pursue excellence through a relentless focus on the user, integrating data-driven insights with creative risk-taking to develop solutions that are both effective and visionary.

Guidance for Growth
I guide my teams and clients towards embracing a philosophy where design is as strategic as it is aesthetic, driving business outcomes through user satisfaction and engagement.

Innovative Design Through Personalization and Impact

Design should do more than function—it should resonate. My approach to design is rooted in creating a deep, personal connection between the user and the technology they interact with. This is where design transcends its traditional role and becomes a catalyst for experience and emotion.

My work consistently demonstrates how well-crafted design can drive user engagement, increase satisfaction, and contribute to business growth. At DigitalOcean and previously at IBM, this approach has not only satisfied but delighted users, turning everyday interactions into opportunities for engagement and brand loyalty.

My commitment is to continue leading the charge in redefining the potential of design in technology and business. By focusing on personalization, impact, and creative innovation, we can create experiences that are not just used but cherished by users, setting new benchmarks for what design can accomplish in our increasingly digital world.