Impact Arts Brand Process

A 20-year process brought Ginger Morris to an incredible place with Impact Arts—the culmination of years of collaboration through Texas Arts Projects, Summer Stock Austin, and the Awards.

Brand Strategy and Naming
Creative Direction
Design Direction

Ginger hired me for my first teaching job: a summer camp where I taught five-year-olds to sing “Bushel and a Peck” from Guys and Dolls. Clearly, that first moment of teaching has been a huge impact on my life. Not only because it eventually led me to becoming a Professor of Graphic Design at SCAD but because it began a lifelong friendship and professional collaboration.

In 2022, Ginger launched ImpactArts and invited me to work with her team on a new brand architecture and langauge.

I began by developing some moodboards and building explorations. I wanted to explore two main directions: one more bold and one more conservative.

Concept 1: Clarity

Play with contrast
Small patterns
Natural lines
Natural colors
Subtle texture
I want to help you find the way. I’m wordly, confident, and content. I’m see all and know all. I’m a mentor, a guide, a teacher. I speak softly and about grand things. Sometimes chaotic and sometimes methodical, I’ll always provide a complete picture.

Concept 2: Down Center Spot

I’m awake. I’m alive. I’m shining with brightness. I’m the impact in your daily coffee. I’m here to make change and be bold. If you need something done, come to me. We are going to make a difference. Promise.

Logo Sketching

The Final Main Logo

Sub-Brand Development

Final Sub-Brand

Typographic Rules for Impact

The brand typography is, in it’s loudest moments high-contrast and playfully aggressive. There must also be a delicate balance built with smaller, quieter moments where appropriate.  Those quiet moments are concise, clear, thoughtful, and mature. The lead you gently through communication.

Basic typography rules to follow/understand
Plenty of clear space. Do not abhor a vacuum.
Follow proper grammar and punctuation.
Everything has an underlying grid. (See grids.)
Everything is legible.
Hierarchy is key.

Brand Material for 2022 Summer Stock Season

Case Studies

Joanna Czech

Theatre Poster