Impact Arts Brand Process

With only weeks to spare before the studio launches, I was presented with an opportunity to help tell the story of IBM Studio’s influence in Europe.

Creative Direction
Print Production

Email invitations were going out imminently and fabricators were waiting for anything to start making.

I worked closely with Nigel Prentice and Lindsey Barrett to develop a series of templates and design direction that could be picked up by each of the local studios to use in creating their individual events. This quick project, in the wilderness of Q4, was an invigorating way to close out 2015.

The consistency from city-to-city was paramount as we needed it to feel like one cohesive campaign. The challenge was creating a template that could be locally modified but still feel like part of a larger whole. We used simple geometric shapes and typography throughout, allowing each studio to show off their unique personality through color choices or imagery used within these panels.

Each studio chose a landmark to represent their locale and off we went. I created stylized illustrations and delivered assets to vendors to meet the tight deadline.

I am incredibly proud to have been a part of the launch of IBM Design EU.

Case Studies

Joanna Czech

Theatre Poster