Branding and Print

The Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards

The experience for these students begins when the nominations are announced. It’s a big unveiling and each school receives a banner to hang in the hallway to celebrate the success. From there it’s to the ceremony—Long Center is draped in the award imagery and the red carpet’s step and repeat creates memories they cherish forever. The certificates for nomations and awards only enhance those memories with seriously official design. The trophies, etched in class, carry the visual language through. There’s nothing childish or anything less that professional for these young performers. 

The images below are representative images from one year of the awards and include images that the students themselves posted on social media. What better way to show the human engagement with these designs?

Joanna Czech: Social Imagery Concepts

Joanna Czech: Packaging

Stoneham Theatre

Chad Rookstool Salon

Get Your Art On

Case Studies

Joanna Czech

Theatre Poster