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Selbert Perkins

 howrey’s to-do list
  • Amplify the Echoes of Personalization
  • Transform Technology
  • Paint a Canvas of Interactions
  • Ensure Resonance Beyond Function
  • Marry Precision with Passion
  • Craft Memorable Experiences
  • Give Voice to Design
  • Look Beyond the Click
  • Embrace the Extraordinary
  • Feel and Foster Impact

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Case Studies
Thoughts on Design Leadership
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case studies

innovative design and creative leadership

Set users up for success

Revamping User Onboarding at DigitalOcean 
DigitalOcean's user onboarding experience was marked by complexity, deterring potential long-term engagement from new users, especially those less experienced with cloud infrastructure.


Empowerment by Design

The Democratization of AI Interactions
Our design transformed the cumbersome, traditional setup process into an empowering, app-like experience, slashing installation times by over 90% and significantly enhancing user satisfaction.


design as experimentation

Designing for growth
DigitalOcean needed to accelerate user acquisition and improve customer retention rates to compete more effectively in the cloud computing market.

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All the World’s a Map

A Cartographers view of Musical Theatre
Navigating the intricate web of Broadway collaborations through a visually compelling subway map, connecting musical theatre enthusiasts to the rich history of the stage.


Luxury Reimagined

The Digital Metamorphosis of Joanna Czech
Elevating a celebrity aesthetician's brand from functional to phenomenal, turning a grayscale start into a multi-million dollar success.

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From Canvas to Concept

Painting Impact with Every Pixel
Forging a bold, new identity for Impact Arts, capturing two decades of artistic collaboration and innovation in every design element.

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