IBM Watson for Education

This was definitely a moment of “fixing” but not one that I led the entire effort. My focus was on developing creative direction and guiding other visual designers through the process of creating thoughtful, thorough, and finished designs for use in a public-facing video abstract for use at conferences around the world by Corporate Vice President Stanley Litow and other business leaders. Our work has been picked up and continued by a product team. This project is a major reminder of the need for designers to work toward a final product while being open to the design process. There were many opportunities where the team would get stuck—focusing on minute details or freezing in fear—and it was necessary to jolt the team forward. Especially when there was a team of only six designers working for two weeks. More often than not, the need is for someone to be bold enough to take that next step. Sometimes, this step is an example for others to follow. Other times, however, it acts as a jumping off point for a “yes, and…” moment.

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