Style/Design Guides

Style/Design Guides for Information Management: Visual Designer, UX Designer; for Watson: Team Leader, Visual Designer, Content Development; for CDS: Advisor, Content Development; for Analytics Solutions: Creative/Design/Strategy Direction, Scrum Master, Visual Designer, UX Designer As you know, visual design is about system and that is nowhere more apparent than in the creation of design guides. The trick, though, is patience. One must be patient because a system of design can’t be built in a bubble. It must come from the creation of the elements that it wishes to guide. For Information Management, it was unclear that we were working on a design guide. Through process, we found that the previous efforts around Process-wise, CDS and Watson were successful ventures. In each instance, we started with a product. We went through an iterative process of exploration. Taking what we learned, we designed a second product. Then, a third. At that point, we looked at what we made and the system—and, therefore, the design guide, was apparent.

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