IBM DataWorks Lift

A sprint, in Agile software development, is a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review. We had sprints on the project, but this was a sprint in the truest meaning. With, roughly, one month available, a cross-discipline group came together to build a product from start to finish…and we did it! Lift is the start of several new things. First, it was the test case for a new Design Guide for Cloud Data Services. Lift, even in its simplicity, was the testing ground for our work. Second, it formed a reinvisioning of the user experience of data movement. Neither wizard or walk-through, Lift puts the user in control but provides specific and excellent guidance throughout. This was the inaugural collaboration of CDS with the Content Design team and the results are obvious in the clarity of the interface. I led the design team and provided creative direction for product designers. This was an excellent example of collaboration across UX, visual, front-end design development, and the engineering team. The service is live today in use by the Services Team with a public beta scheduled for Interconnect.

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