IBM Capstone

An outside vendor drops the ball and a group of product designers picked up the ball and, against all odds, scored a touchdown. IBM Fellow Jerry Cuomo was slated to present a keynote address at Interconnect 2015 with Citi about the use of the hybrid cloud. Initially, we were just there to help create interface screens for use in the presentation animations. Within the first or two weeks, our charter had grown to include the conceptualization, design, and production of the entire presentation. Holed up in a war room in Building 906 on Austin’s campus, a six-person team came together to write, design, and animate a 25 minute presentation. Along the way, quick decisions and rapid-fire prototyping became the name of the game. UX designers became overnight animators with quick Adobe After Effect tutorials after my tried-and-true introductory tutorial. The result was a joy to see. Jerry Cuomo, in a bow tie, electrifying the early morning Vegas crowd. API Harmony—which we designed from scratch in the process—because a trending topic on Twitter. People were clamoring for access to the JoinPay app. I could not have been more proud of my team.

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