Glass Menagerie Lobby Display at the ART

Lobby display for the 2013 production of The Glass Menagerie at the American Repertory Theatre. INSIDE OUR MINDS Objective: Create a completely immersive journey into the minds of the Williams family. Using writings from Tennessee Williams, his mother and his sister (letters, essays, poetry, plays), the West Lobby windows will be completely covered with hand writing. The audience will be able to stroll around the lobby catching glimpses of statements. INVENTORY With Inventory, Adam H. Marchand has cataloged thirty years worth of his possessions on index cards. On each card (there are 2,500) he has typed a brief narrative about how the item came into his life. The items range from bookmarks to bicycles to bike saddles, and everything in-between. The cards are organized according to a serial number scheme, and are held in a card catalog that Adam built. Photographs of the items hang on the walls of the gallery. Visitors are invited to cross-reference photos of the items with the cards in the catalog according to their serial numbers. For the West Lobby, we would present the catalog near the television screen and hang the cards on the front windows. INTRODUCING: TOM Objective: introduce the audience to the world of Tennessee Williams and of the South. A simple display of large images in the Box Office Lobby. To the left and right of the doors, large and striking photography will be reproduced and hung on the walls with descriptions for each.

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