Widely known for creating design that is theatrical, crystal clear, and arresting, John inspires others in his roles as teacher, mentor, thought leader, and expert craftsman. With a  passion for Design Thinking and radical leadership style, he is the Design Principal for IBM's Watson Talent Management. John drives design and design thinking adoption in the Growth Products for Analytics Solutions including DataWorks, Insight Cloud Services, OpenPages, and more. John pushes the various GP design teams to excel in delivering each of the six experiences, regardless of organization structure. He directs  team leads to build relationships with Offering Management, Development, Marketing, Sales, Support and Executives to learn and influence their practices. John drives whole product teams to leverage design research, usage data and the work of other digital product teams to help ensure that each part of the end user journey feels like a singular 'works like IBM' experience.
John was appointed Design Principal in 2016. Design Principal is the highest non-executive rung on the Design career ladder, before IBM Distinguished Designer and on par with the STSM designation for engineers. Design Principals are appointed by IBM’s Design Leadership Review Board, and have responsibilities at the portfolio, business unit and/or studio level. 

Nice things have been said about him:
John took time to make everyone on the team feel comfortable, was exceptionally transparent about product context, and treated us all with the utmost respect. He went above and beyond to understand and craft a positive experience for our team and will be dearly missed.
First and foremost, Big thanks. Our team's grown in leaps and bounds and we're really happy to have had you as our fearless leader. Your leadership and support for our team has been critical in us getting up and running! We all want to thank you for your time, patience, insight, shoulder to cry on and an open mind. We'll miss you! Good luck in your new role, you're welcome back anytime you get bored.

We'd like to make a big 'ol cheers for John, who while we are sad to see go, we are thankful to have had him as our team lead through the awkward ambiguous explosive birth of the Health Design Team. Often, the hardest part of starting a project is at the beginning- staring at that blank piece of paper in front of you, figuring out how to put the pieces together to make something meaningful.  John jumped into that task head on with his wits, charm, honesty, humor and passionate advocating for the user in a way that's made a tricky process of growth so much more bearable and human.  Which, ultimately, is an critical foundation for a design group.  We wish him best of luck on his new role, and expect him to stop and say "hi" whenever he's in NYC or Toronto.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to give me a thorough introduction into Watson Health, and what I'll likely be working on when deployed from designcamp!
Thank you for having been such a phenomenal team lead, however brief. You have been an ideal manager, and always gave team members an honest, balanced blend of autonomy and direction. We're going to miss you!
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